All photography provided by Drs. Katherina Psathaki and Karin Huebner, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine, Muenster, Germany.

What We Do

Full-Service Medical Writing and Editing

At Medit Global we develop concise, accurate, medical content that’s ready for publication.

We help scientists, clinicians, and researchers prepare their findings for review, and get them published in some of the top peer-reviewed journals.

We also work with health care, pharmaceutical, advertising, and life sciences companies to create effective peer-to-peer educational and promotional content.

Have a look at our medical writing and medical editing services, and find out how we can help you.

Medit are the perfect people to edit scientific manuscripts. They easily grasp the content and in a very short time help you to push it over the finish line.
— Professor Hans R. Schoeler, PhD, Department for Cell and Developmental Biology, Director, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine, Muenster, Germany

Who We Are

We Are Experienced, Knowledgeable Medical Editors

Years of working closely with universities, research centers, hospitals, medical associations, pharmaceutical companies, advertising agencies, and market research firms have given our medical editors an in-depth knowledge of the industry.

But we also make sure they have the right credentials, including:

  • Medical and Scientific Backgrounds: A Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree or higher as well as at least 5 years of research experience.
  • Extensive writing and editing experience: Senior editors with 15+ years working with medical publications of all kinds.
  • BELS certification: International recognition of proficiency for editors in the life sciences.

Areti Malapetsas, Founder & Editor in Chief, Medit Global

Areti is a microbiologist and immunologist with more than a decade of experience in the basic science research setting and 17+ years of experience as a medical writer and editor. A board-certified editor in the life sciences, Areti has edited hundreds of documents in a variety of clinical and basic science areas (urology, oncology, etc.). She holds a BSc degree (with distinction) from McGill University.

“I worked closely with Areti for a number of years at PSL. She is, without a question, one of the best medical editors that I have ever had the opportunity to engage with. Areti’s ‘eagle eye’, spot-on recommendations, as well as her efficient and professional demeanor made my job easier on a daily basis. She can be trusted 110%. I’d be overjoyed to work with her again in the future.”
— Richard Woolfson, MD, Medical Director, PeerDirect, Division of P\S\L Consulting Group