Medical Editing Services

From proofreading to in-depth developmental editing, we offer a full range of editing services for all kinds of medical, health care, and life sciences content. We edit preclinical (pharmacokinetics) and phase I to IV clinical trial studies. We also edit basic science papers, including original research manuscripts, review articles, book chapters, and grant proposals, among others. Our medical editors work with you to make sure that every modification and suggestion is clear.

“As I am a non-native English-speaking scientist, it is sometimes hard for me to get a text from a good to a really good state in a short period of time. I turn to Medit because they are fast, reliable, and they work with you. If something is not clear, they tell you why.”
— Professor Hans R. Schoeler, PhD, Department for Cell and Developmental Biology, Director, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine, Muenster, Germany


Our proofreading exercises and services ensure that your documents are professional and error-free. We do a grammar and punctuation check. We check for

  • correct grammar (voice, verb tense, adverb and adjective use, clauses, phrases, etc.)
  • proper punctuation
  • correct spelling
  • appropriate use of capitals, italics, lists, and abbreviations/acronyms

“Getting work done on time is important, but having it done accurately is critical. Medit delivers on both counts.”
— David DeVellis, MD, Chelsea, Michigan

Stylistic Editing and Copyediting*

Copyediting ensures that your documents are clear, concise, and correct, and adhere to any required style guidelines. We conform to the AMA Manual Style. We do a paper check for

  • correct syntax (sentence structure) to ensure text is clear and concise
  • appropriate word choice and use of medical and scientific terminology
  • consistent style and form 
  • accurate factual information
  • logical flow of ideas
  • accurate and appropriate presentation of numerical values
  • appropriate presentation of tables and graphs
  • adherence to Journal-specified and other guidelines
  • accurate, consistent, and complete bibliographic references

*Copyediting includes a full proofread.

“Areti is the best grammar checker on the internet. She also understands a broad range of topics, so she’s easy to brief and work with. She quickly grasps the content and improves it to my satisfaction, each and every time.”
— Nasser Tehrani, Senior Product Manager, Technology Evaluation Centers, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Substantive Editing*

Rewriting text for when you need some help organizing your ideas or presenting them in the best possible light. We make sure that

  • content is organized logically (sentence and paragraph reordering)
  • content is complete (missing info is flagged or included)

*Substantive editing includes proofreading and copyediting.

“I have relied on Medit Global for several technical documentation projects of substantial length. The editing is thorough and conscientious—no matter how jargon-laden or inscrutable the original text, I know I’ll always receive a clear, polished, professional document. Even when I think a project is in good shape to begin with, Medit makes it even better. Projects are always delivered on time.”
— Isabella Kratynski, Managing Editor, Technology Evaluation Centers, Montreal, Quebec, Canada